Ethereal EDM artist SEAPORA tells us how she thinks music impacts human life and more

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing ethereal EDM artist SEAPORA who has recently released her EP titled “Seaflow” through Chillage Records. Her music is known to capture moods and connect with listeners worldwide. SEAPORA has successfully managed to fuse Electronic music and natural sounds to create unique and magical soundscapes that highlight the singers vast knowledge of music and artistic expression.


The Californian artist gives us a glimpse into what makes her sound so unique as well as her career highlights.


What do you think makes your music unique?
I think what makes my music unique is the combination of innovative lyrics and original instrumentation created through the collaboration of different producers artistic ideas. When producers come together and fuse their artistic expression in a completely unique way magic happens.


Has there been any particular moment in your musical career that you’re most proud of?
I think the process of making the music rather than a particular moment in time is my favorite part. The actual journey of making an album, the musical creation, recording the lyrics in a studio, mixing, mastering, working with artists to design the album and then releasing the final product to the world is what I enjoy the most.


What has been your most enjoyable song to write or produce? And why?

 “Eternal” for my Royale project, was one of my favorite tracks to write and collaborate on in terms of production. I really liked how the other producer had ideas about what the song meant, and helped collaborate in the lyric writing process. I also enjoyed adding instrumental melodies after the lyric addition that complemented the message behind the track.


Do you think song-writing is a talent you were born with, or has it been something you’ve had to perfect over time?

 I used to write a lot of poetry as a child, but I think as my vocabulary broadened and I experienced more of life the meaning behind the writing got deeper and juicier. I think studying music theory and song writing also helped me grasp the structure of lyric writing.


Do you ever experience writer’s block when writing lyrics? I imagine this to be particularly annoying if you were in any kind collaborative situation. If so, how do you overcome this?

 Absolutely, I think this is inevitable for all artists. I find it is best not to force creativity and let it come through you in its own time. If I am collaborating with another artist and I am not able to come up with a lyrical idea, I will empower the producer to create and usually their artistic expression will inspire me and we will be able to get out of the writer’s block together.


What song instantly puts you in a good mood?


Eric Prydz – Call on me. Hands down this song exudes positive energy and will instantly get me in a good mood


What song instantly makes you want to cry?


U2 – With or Without you The lyrics in the track are so powerful and reminds me of young love. Also Adele – Hello and Aerosmith – I don’t want to miss a thing Thing are serious tear jerkers.


What is the best career advice you have received so far, musically speaking?


Don’t give up and take every opportunity to perform that comes your way whether small or large.


Besides making music – please name any other talents or skill-sets that you’re exceptional at?


I am a lifelong learner and I have worked hard at refining my belly dance performance and floral design skills.  


As a performing artist, are there any mantras or rituals which you live by, before or after a live performance?


Yes, I believe in self-care and drinking lots of herbal tea and before singing on stage!  It helps my voice out tremendously. I also think it’s imperative to take in the energy from the crowd and match the flow of the audience in my performance.  


What would you like your fans to take away from your music?


What I would want a fan to take away from my music is incredibly varied depending on the song they might be listening to.  I try to write about the full breadth of our human experience, and I would hope that I can engage with my fans across that full scope.


How do you think music impacts human life?


Music allows us to tap into the depths of human emotion and helps us through pivotal moments in our lives.  There’s enough evidence to suggest that perhaps before language, we had music. As a people, music was our first language. It activates something primal in us – something important.  It’s hard to say why music matters so much in our lives, but as human beings, all of us know it when we hear it.


Out of your discography, which happens to be your personal favorite, and why?


That is a tough one because it definitely changes, but at this time I would say “Eternal.”  I really enjoyed collaborating with Urple Eeple on this future garage track!
LISTEN: “Seaflow”

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